Nutrients for the Garden: Silica’s Amazing Effect on Strawberries

The benefits of growing strawberries are beyond sweet! They’re one of the most popular fruits in the world… in fact, 53% of children have named strawberries their favorite fruit and adults love them too. Although farmers and gardeners work hard to keep up with the ever-growing demand for strawberries, sometimes that can be a difficult task.


Strawberry Struggles

Strawberries can be a bit on the temperamental side when it comes to cultivation. There are a number of issues associated with growing strawberries, including powdery mildew, intolerance to the weather (both heat and cold), black root rot, red stele, botrytis fruit rot, leaf scorch, and leaf spot. Fortunately, many successful strawberry growers have recently come to learn a very important sustainable gardening secret – the near-magical effects that natural silica has on their growing strawberries!


Sweet Solutions

From the ridding of disease to the prevention of problems, silica soil amendments are a godsend for those who cultivate strawberries. There are a number of incredible benefits to using silica in strawberry cultivation, just a few of which will be outlined in this article. Powdery mildew is one of the most pressing issues faced by those growing strawberries. When raising berries in the field, especially, it is the demise of many plants. There are very few biocontrol agents that aid in the reduction and elimination of powdery mildew, but silica is able to reduce the plant’s susceptibility to this, and many other fungal diseases, drastically. Black root rot is yet another problem faced by strawberry growers. When added to the growing regimen, however, sustainable silica combats the infection starting at the root of the plant. Not only does it stop any further spread of disease in plants, but it can also be used as a preventative that will improve plant growth in the long run. Stress is yet another problem faced by strawberry plants during growth. From less than ideal weather to general poor health, strawberry plants often are not strong enough to stand up to the natural forces that come their way. Natural silica, however, works at the cellular level, making for deep, healthy runners and roots that lead to superior, stronger plants that can take anything that nature dishes out against them. Silica also enables strawberry plants to absorb more essential nutrients, water, and microbes, while also enhancing the process of photosynthesis. The stronger the plant’s internal system is, the better the chances are that it will survive and thrive. Healthy plants dig deep and root in when they are faced with adversity – and there’s no better way to maintain the health of your plants than through silica-based supplements.


Our Superior Silica

Using silica on strawberry plants is not a new concept, but growers are beginning to find that the type of silica they use makes all the difference. Silica is available in a number of different forms and comes from various sources. RecycleSilä silica is 99.9% biogenic and is made from discarded rice hulls. It is pure, natural, and neutral, and because it is made from what would otherwise be a waste product, RecycleSilä is a renewed source – ideal for the earth and environment. Our sustainable silica is produced in an eco-friendly manner, and is completely amorphous. We take great pride in working alongside the earth rather than against it, and we believe that our pure, natural silica is the ultimate way to achieve that harmony. While many silica products on the market contain additional ingredients, we have found that supplemental silica is most beneficial to growers when it is totally pure, making RecycleSilä the best choice when it comes to silica for plants. There is even evidence that shows that some silica products that contain other ingredients, or a poor quality of silica, can actually greatly damage the plants it is used on. At SioTeX however, we are happy to manufacture a product that serves as part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.


Let’s Get Growing

We are completely dedicated to serving you and your sustainable gardening needs. Regardless of whether you’re a farmer, a hobbyist gardener, or a bit of both, we are here to help you cultivate strong plants while maintaining a strong planet.  We take great care to make sure that all we do is done responsibly, and encourage you, the grower, to do the same. We are here to help you grow better, tastier strawberries and to serve as a contact point for all your gardening and growing needs. Through the use of our silica, along with our knowledge and appreciation of a natural balance, we believe the rewards to be reaped will be sweet.