Pure Silica Benefits: Don’t Leave Your Cannabis Cultivation to Pot Luck

Because cannabis cultivation is newly legal in the United States, there is much that the industry is still learning. Cannabis is rather easy to grow, in that it has very few requirements when it comes to growing conditions. This fact makes it easy for growers to overlook just how beneficial nutrient-filled soil amendments can be when it comes to the quality and overall yield of their crop. Many growers are just beginning to explore the best ways to truly enhance their crops and improve plant growth with natural supplements. That’s why those who are ahead of the game are turning to the practice of adding supplements throughout the growth stages to optimize their plants. However, of the many cannabis supplements in existence, silica-based supplements are some of the least known and most beneficial, meaning that a number of growers are still in the dark about the numerous benefits of silica. 


What is Silica?

Silica makes up around 59% of the earth’s crust, mostly in the form of crystalline silica (what we think of as sand). Considering how abundant Silica is within the crust of the Earth, it comes as no surprise that today’s plants have adapted to utilize such a beneficial material. It’s even typical for plants to consist of 10% silicon, or more, on their own. 

Natural silica improves plants at a cellular level. Along with cellulose, it creates the very foundation of the plant. When implemented in Cannabis growing, silicon greatly improves the plant’s cell development by speeding up the production of the cell walls. Silica also acts as a performance enhancer by re-enforcing the strength of the plant’s walls.

Silica for Cannabis Cultivation 2

As each plant grows, natural silica helps to balance the uptake and usage of many crucial nutrients for plants, including nitrogen, aluminum, zinc, iron, and manganese. The presence of silicon ensures that metal minerals don’t overload and toxify the plant… yet another of the many benefits of pure silica! When silica-based supplements are added to the growing regimen, the final outcome of the crop is magnificent, yielding cannabis plants that stand heads and shoulders above the rest!

When choosing a pure silica supplement for your plants, it’s important to find a product that is produced using methods that maintain purity by leaving the silica unaltered. RecycleSilä is made with the utmost care during production, ensuring a 99.9% pure, biogenic silica product that is the best option when it comes to silica-based soil amendments.

Silica for Cannabis Cultivation Recyclesil Package

We are completely dedicated to serving you and your sustainable gardening needs. Regardless of whether you’re a farmer, a hobbyist gardener, or a bit of both, we are here to help you cultivate strong plants while maintaining a strong planet.  We take great care to make sure that all we do is done responsibly, and encourage you, the grower, to do the same.